How do you rip the music from the Playstation 2 disc? Do you have a program lets you rip it from the disc? I'm trying to figure out how to do it with no luck.

Play a level with the sound effects off. Connect the PS2's line-out cable into your Computer's line-in jack. Make sure to set line-in as the recording source (In the windows sound control panel) and select line-in. Using a sound recording program of your choice (Goldwave is a good one) record the input. Chop off the silence at the ends then save it. You'll have the wave file which you can encode in a music player such as iTunes or use LAME combined with RazorLAME.

How did this site get started?

Upon the release of TimeSplitters 2, I joined a board dedicated to TimeSplitters 2. People began asking if anyone had the soundtrack to the game and I offered to record a few songs for people and put them on an ancient webaccount I had. That account was quickly revoked because of the bandwidth I suddenly started using. I opened a few accounts at Tripod and continued slowing adding songs. I only got a small amount of space to use so I ended up having to register another account for every 2 songs I added. By the time I had recorded all the songs I had 30+ accounts with them, and every so often they would delete one of them due to excessive bandwidth usage.
About 6 months after I started I signed up for a pay host and the domain That didn't last for long as I soon created which was the host until recently. I planned to offer the soundtracks for other games on that site but soon realized the copyright problems with it. I gave that up and kept the site alive on my personal site until the release of TimeSplitters 3 when I got a separate host for the site and a new domain.

Is it legal for you to provide these songs?

Since there is no soundtrack for these games I'm able to provide these free of charge. If Free Radical ever published a soundtrack, I would take the offending tracks down immediately.